At Think Business Events we work with you to realise your vision. We work with you to establish your desired outcomes, and then leave you free to focus on the big picture, while we work on the logistics and implementation to ensure that every detail is covered.

These are just some of the services we provide to ensure successful delivery in government, association and corporate sector conferences and events

  • strategic planning

    Organising a successful conference begins with building a strong foundation. It means careful planning of objectives, guidelines and outcomes. To help us both along this journey, we like to sit down with you and formulate a plan for what we intend to achieve (key performance indicators), how we are going to achieve it, and the milestones that will mark our success at each step of the way.

  • committee consultation and direction

    We enjoy working as a team with committed, focused individuals; and thrive on building strong and productive partnerships with the people we work alongside.

    With our experience and knowledge behind us, our role is to provide direction and guidance; encouraging the flow of ideas that reflect your culture and values, and then putting them into action.

    We also ensure that you receive personal attention from senior people in our company, and that progress is reviewed regularly to measure ourselves in accordance with your objectives.

  • budget development and management

    With a track record of successful budget management, we know how to develop a budget that is realistic, whilst achieving your financial objectives. We have a policy of transparency for our fiscal management – meaning that you receive invoices based on direct costs from suppliers, thus eliminating additional ‘padding’ of costs borne by you.

    We carefully monitor budgets as we proceed, ensuring that costs do not inflate, as well as managing overall income expectations. Our key objective is to meet, then exceed, your financial expectations for your event, based on realistic targets agreed to in our planning stages.

    We’re also great negotiators! - working on your behalf with suppliers to achieve cost effective solutions that don’t diminish quality or service.

  • design and printing

    ‘A picture tells a thousand words’. Hence we develop key elements to convey the style of your conference or event through consistency of branding, images, logo and design. Will it reflect your unique values and culture? Does it inspire confidence, anticipation of a great event? It is modern, future based, cutting edge? Does it convey a dynamic collaboration of learning, networking and sharing knowledge?

    We work with designers and printers that know the conference and events industry. They understand the objectives, the implementation requirements of design, and best of all they understand tight deadlines.

    We develop the brief and liaise with the design crew to achieve a result that expresses all the key elements of your conference or event, and ensuring that it comes within budget.

    We manage the entire process whether it be function tickets and invitations, or full Conference programs, signage and abstract books.
    You can feel confident knowing that we understand your requirements, and that the final designs will reflect the concepts you wish to communicate

  • marketing and promotion

    Maximising attendance at your conference or event is paramount. That’s why we carefully analyse your event, previous conferences and other related events. In this way we can devise a strategic marketing plan that incorporates details of your target market and how to access them. It will also identify the key opportunities for promotion both nationally and internationally.

    We look at marketing from all angles, incorporating web based technology and email communication, forming alliances with key people and centres of influences, targeting other sources of information and publications, and establishing mutual links with organisations that can help cross promote your conference.

    We understand the competitive environment of attracting delegates to conferences, so we like to ask questions about trends in your industry and in broader circles of influence that affect conference attendance.

    We keep abreast of trends in the market and seek to explore other avenues and methods of reaching your target market and promoting your event. In this way, we aim to challenge the conventional ways of thinking and encourage innovative solutions for maximising participation at your conference.

  • media and public relations

    Your conference or event presents an opportunity to profile your profession or organisation to targeted audiences and /or the general public. It also provides the perfect platform to highlight key issues, bring ideas to the forefront of public’s attention, generate public debate or interest in your area of expertise.

    We work with professionals who are specialists in their field and are adept at helping you identifying the key messages and issues. They then develop a media and PR plan that targets influential audiences in order to achieve your desired outcomes.

  • venue negotiation, liaison and management

    Managing venue requirements, booking and negotiating contracts, coordinating move in times, catering requirements, risk analysis…..are only part of our total management service of venues.

    Our history with quality venues around Australia has established good relationships with key staff. These relationships are important because they facilitate high service levels and provide a strong foundation on which price negotiations can take place.

    We also advise on venue selection, offering options and ideas, giving you the value of our years of experience and insider knowledge of the industry!

  • audio visual management

    Audio Visual is a critical part of any conference or event success. From spectacular shows with demanding lighting and sound schedules, to a ten concurrent session, 500-speaker program, AV can be crucial to the delegates’ perception of your event.

    Although seemingly simple and behind the scenes, the secret to success for AV for a conference program is that nobody notices it, but the speakers are raving about it! We work with professionals whose focus is just conferences – so they have developed and perfected systems and procedures that cater to all speaker demands and accommodate any situation and challenge as they arise.

    On the show side of AV – when lighting, sounds and impressive shows are the order of the day, we work with professional operators, who understand the importance of a client brief. They are committed to the success of an event that creates the style of branding and image that our clients are after.

  • exhibition and sponsorship – development, sales and management

    An important source of income, we take exhibition and sponsorship very seriously. We research previous and related conferences to develop a prospectus that will appeal to your target market; one that promotes maximum exposure and benefits that appeal to the unique requirements of your industry.

    Acknowledging an often competitive environment, we search for innovative ways to increase sponsorship spend and to maximise returns. We are proactive in our approach to targeted sponsors, working with them to achieve proposals that satisfy their needs, whilst attaining your financial goals.

    We also look for opportunities to forge strategic partnerships with key organisations and are active in sourcing government funding when available. The relationship we have with sponsors is important to the relationships they may have with your organisation. So we manage their expectations and demands, but most importantly we make sure that we deliver on their investment, ensuring their satisfaction.

    For exhibition, we manage and co-ordinate the entire process. This includes developing exhibition packages and manuals, financial management, co-ordinating move in schedules, information and launch sessions, risk analysis and venue liaison. We work with the venue and exhibition builders to put together a floor plan that maximises the space; providing good flow throughout the entire area, reducing dead spots by adding key interest sites. A proactive sales and marketing plan is also implemented to ensure that we achieve sales targets.

  • website design and maintenance

    With internet facilities now a household commodity, websites have become the chief marketing tool for any enterprise. We believe that a website should be a comprehensive source of information about your event – so we encourage delegates to visit the website for updates on program, special events, to register, or to find out the current weather in the host city!

    Careful attention is paid to website design. It needs to reflect your conference or event branding, be easily navigable and have a logical flow through. Equally important is maintenance. To enable such a powerful marketing tool, the website needs to be kept current, with information updated continuously and quickly. In this way, we ensure that delegates find it a valuable online resource for anything and everything to do with your conference and event.

  • program co-ordination and speaker management

    Whether you have 10 speakers or 1000 we have the software and expertise to handle it. Adept at handling large numbers of abstracts and speakers, we take full management of communicating with speakers, facilitating program construction, advising changes and co-ordinating requirements such as travel and accommodation.

    Developing programs with multiple concurrent sessions and speakers can be a demanding and complex activity. However, we look for solutions on how to best handle the process in every individual situation, ensuring it is user friendly for speakers, and manageable for program facilitators.

    Onsite management is equally important. We ensure speakers are well looked after, assigning them a speaker preparation room, far from the madding crowds, where they can download and check their presentations, or even make last minute changes, aided by a qualified team of professionals.

  • special events planning and implementation

    Glitz, glamour, style, class – we’re masters at planning and implementing an awe-inspiring event! From grand functions in palatial ballrooms, moonlit marquees in the dessert, captivating dance performances on the beach, flamboyant cocktail parties atop a city skyscraper…. we do it all!

    With creative minds, the imagination can take us on wild adventures that result in splendiferous affairs. But it’s not just in creating the concept that we excel.

    Execution is a vital part of an event’s success. From planning the project, managing the process and implementing all aspects - whether it be invitations, delegates impressions on arrival, meet and greet, menu selection – we attend to it all with careful planning and meticulous attention to detail.

  • social events

    Conference dinners, welcome receptions… We plan the event from beginning to end, in exquisite detail, ensuring successful implementation; with superb food, the right ambience, adding just a dash of the unexpected, and a pinch of spice that will leave your audience mesmerised and delighted…..

    We’ve accumulated years of conference social events experience to know what works and what doesn’t. So we’re constantly on the look out for new and innovative ideas – to have your audience exclaiming a unified ‘wow’!

  • registration and administration

    Efficiency of systems and procedures are paramount in ensuring delegates satisfaction and ability to register for events easily. Thus we see efficient and well thought out processes as a very solid foundation to the success of the conference.

    We focus on engaging easy to use systems, customer friendly staff and client directed policies to ensure that the experience of registration and administration is always a happy one!

    We also provide you with easy accessible reports and statistical review data that you can access any time of the day or night.

  • accommodation negotiation and management

    We research your industry and past events, so that we select suitable hotels that will accommodate your delegates’ needs. From luxury hotels and apartments to accommodation for budget conscious delegates, we source suitable venues that are easily accessible to the conference venue, and provide a comfortable and enjoyable stay for your delegates

  • online forms and abstract submission

    Productive use of technological advances is about streamlining processes, making life easier for clients and delegates, and providing clever alternatives to traditional methods. So we’re also always on the lookout for new ideas on presenting, providing, accessing and managing information.

    We use online forms for all registration and accommodation bookings, where delegates can register, pay and receive automatic confirmation of their details. And clients have access to detailed reports any time of the day or night.

    Similarly for abstract submission systems, we employ systems that are easy to use for both speakers and reviewers, no matter what their level of computer ability.

    We believe in harnessing technology to provide simple, yet powerful solutions for collecting and managing the information that can be utilised in a productive and efficient capacity for the benefit of your event.

  • supplier co-ordination and liaison

    Suppliers like working with us. Yes, we have high standards, and can be demanding at times. But what’s important to us is that we lay the foundation for a good working relationship. So when we do need to pull a rabbit out of a hat, our suppliers are more than willing to go the extra mile for us.

    We work closely with venues, audio visual and production teams, designers, printers, caterers, entertainers, exhibition builders, media, interpreters to ensure a seamless operation and smoother delivery.

    Negotiate, discuss, organise, co-ordinate, instruct, direct, cajole, manage and boss around if need be! .…whatever it takes to get you the best deal, the right quality, the suitable specification, the optimum result.

  • onsite management

    So the big day has finally arrived. The realisation of days, weeks, months and years of planning and organisation…… This is where it all comes together, finally. Let the show begin…..

    Our well trained registration team are the frontline for your delegates, presenting smiling welcoming faces and focusing on delivering friendly and helpful customer service. Our co-ordination team manage everything from extra meetings, special requests, last minutes changes along with any other challenges they are presented with.

    And all delivered with the panache and enthusiasm to which you will have become accustomed!

  • social and technical tours program

    The finishing touch to a well rounded delegate experience is the opportunity to attend a social or technical tour. Social Tours: Whether it be partner tours or pre or post touring options, we like to put together a program that allows the delegate to experience all that the destination has to offer – to really complement their experience of the conference. We plan and organise unique adventures and experiences that present the destination as an exciting and memorable encounter.

    Technical tours: Working with professionals in your industry, we devise a program that showcases the best of your industry, whilst allowing the delegates broad exposure. We recommend sightseeing aspects as part of the tours so that delegates get the ‘best of both worlds’ - mixing business with pleasure!

  • transport logistics and co-ordination

    Need to transport 1000 guests to a gala dinner, or perhaps just 200 delegates to five different locations from eight different pick up points? We can manage your transport challenges. No matter how complex the event, we find a way to provide a solution that works, facilitating smooth and flawless execution that you and your delegates will appreciate.

  • translation and simultaneous interpretation co-ordination

    Looking to attract a wider market place, globally? Translation forms an important part of providing information to potential delegates in their own language. It also facilitates higher numbers of registration, regardless of whether or not you are providing simultaneous interpretation at your conference.

    With our experience in providing translation and interpretation services for a range of events and conferences, we are able to offer you sound advice on the options available. This ensures that you can maximise the service you offer to delegates, whilst maintaining costs within budget constraints.

    For both translations and simultaneous interpretation, we work only with suitably qualified professionals.