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Are conferences relevant any more?

With the vast capabilities of digital technology is attending a conference even necessary these days? Here’s our thoughts on the matter. 

Now that people can access professional development and network online will they stop going to conferences? Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Pretty much everything we need we can now get online.

With minimal effort you can tap into skill development opportunities,  gain qualifications through online courses and ‘virtually’ network with your industry via LinkedIn.  All without the need for getting out of your PJ’s.

So this obviously spells the END for Conferences right?


Despite the slow steady increase in automation of our lives, we’re still attracted by human contact.

Humans need it. 

People enjoy conferences not only for the knowledge and information, but also for the face to face networking opportunities – making connections, sharing perspectives and building ideas and communities.

It’s revitalising and it’s human engagement that is hard to replicate online.

We believe conferences are even more important than ever to get people to interrupt their digital interactions to interact with their industry in person.

Yet, this does not mean that a conference committee can rest on their laurels and avoid integrating digital altogether.

With the growth of digital comes the growth of expectation from attendees.   Conferences need to keep up to remain relevant, interesting and engaging to attendees.

New Ideas For Networking

Conferences need to maximise the connection opportunities to engage delegates. Photo by Jessica Sysengrath on Unsplash

Conferences Need To Be Interaction Rich

Conference programs need to be rich with interaction opportunities – even of the digital variety – to gain the attention, time and respect of your audience.

There are a myriad number of ways that you can do this.  Here are 9 examples of digital and real life activities we’ve implemented in the past to keep engagement levels high:

9 Examples of Interaction Rich Ideas for Conference

  1. Speed networking for young professionals and students
  2. Lunch with an Expert
  3. Living polling in sessions via mobile conference apps
  4. Mentor/mentee exchange
  5. Tea, Toast and Talking Posters
  6. Senior and Retired Practitioner lunch
  7. Parents and Carers Networking
  8. Meet and Greet
  9. Live Twitter feed on screen during sessions

Keep Delegate Engagement Front of Mind

So, when developing your conference program keep opportunities for engagement at the forefront of mind.

Remember, it’s important to keep up with the modern digital world to encourage the continued growth of the real life, real time, real face to face interactions conferences offers.

Main Image: Photo by Nacho Capelo on Unsplash

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