Project Description

An annual review of our marketing in 2017 revealed something we already knew – our website was no longer reflecting the company we are.  We fixed that.

After 10 years in business and managing hundreds of conferences between us, the thing we’ve come to understand is you’ve got to keep things fresh.

It’s something we regularly preach to clients who hold annual conferences (many which are often relied upon as a source of valuable income for their organisation).  But it was something we had to remind ourselves of recently, when a company review identified our website as out of date.

Our website was no longer reflecting the company we are. While we’ve undoubtedly kept pace with advancements in conference technology and consider ourselves an innovative and engaging company, our website was sadly neglected.

As faster internet connections emerged, smart phones became the technology of choice and “website experience” became a visitor expectation, our website became quickly obsolete.

Until now.

This year we set out to create a website that better reflected how we like to manage conferences.

The brief was a website:

  • that is innovative and engaging
  • with content that is clearly communicated
  • that is intuitive and easy to navigate
  • that showcases the work of the Think Business Events team (the centrepiece to our conference success)

The web designers got to work, our copy was rewritten and we hired a professional photographer to capture our staff in action.

Finally, after months of work it’s come together and we’re pleased to introduce our new, refreshed website.

We’d love to hear your feedback.