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Our favourite virtual sponsorship opportunities

Effective sponsorship relies on developing attractive packages that are priced to offer value to your event partners. This is no different whether your event is face-to-face, online or a mixture of both.

Virtual conferencing can be an exciting opportunity to creatively reimagine the inclusions and benefits you offer your sponsors. Some of our favourites include:

Sponsor profiles

Sponsor profiles are the online equivalent of the exhibition booth. At their most basic they include sponsor logos, company description, contact details and analytics. Higher tier sponsors might add a team directory, downloadable resources, feature videos, instant messaging and more sophisticated analytics.

Video packages

Videos are a very popular option for online events and can be inserted before presentations, between speakers and during networking breaks. Many companies already have high-quality video marketing materials ready to go. These don’t need to be limited to live content and can also be effective when attached to pre-recorded presentations.

Session or ‘room’ branding

If you are running several concurrent sessions across multiple virtual ‘rooms’ you may offer the opportunity for sponsors to brand these spaces with videos throughout the session, branded title slides, acknowledgement by the session chair and including their logo in the online program.

Gifts packs

Including sponsored gifts and giveaways in your mail-out information pack is a fun way to bring a virtual event to life. Items like stationary, headphones, chargers and snacks can all be used during the event, while discounts and vouchers are always crowd pleasers.

Giveaways and prizes

Everyone likes to win, making giveaways an effective way to engage delegates. A major prize donated by a major sponsor and draw during the final session can help keep delegates online to the very end. Exhibition passports allow multiple sponsors to contribute smaller prizes and encourages interaction with a range of exhibitors.

These options are a great starting point when developing packages for your online event. And with versatile virtual conferencing platforms, there are many other features and exciting options on offer.

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