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Returning to face-to-face events

Here at Think Business Events, we are passionate about conferences, and just like so many of you have greatly missed their presence in our calendar this year. 

While technology and virtual events have meant we are still able to share knowledge, sadly they cannot replace the experience of networking or learning in person. Conferences create the perfect environment to connect with colleagues, through shared experiences and a diverse range of networking opportunities. 

This is what we, and many of our clients, miss the most about conferences, so we are excitedly looking forward to a return to face-to-face events. 

The good news is that we will meet again. The ongoing and evolving COVID-19 pandemic means that a return to events will look different to begin with, and will likely go through several changes and variations before we can safely return to events-as-usual.

As the conference manager our role in this brave new world will be to ensure that we, the venue and other suppliers are all working together to meet our obligations to provide a safe environment for all conference attendees, through COVID-safe plans and procedures.

Download the TBE Covid Safe Plan here.

While the health and safety of delegates, speakers, staff and suppliers has always been a key concern for event organisers, the health component will be brought to the forefront in the immediate future with an increased focus on hand hygiene, cleaning of high-touch surfaces, contactless options and tighter safety controls around food and beverage service.

Events are likely to be smaller, with venues revising their maximum capacities in compliance with safe physical distancing guidelines, and government restrictions around maximum numbers expected to continue in the short term. 

Physical distancing will be a notable feature of meeting safely. Signage, single entry and exit points and the arrangement of furniture within spaces will assist delegates to maintain appropriate physical distancing when onsite. While exciting new technology allows name badges to monitor attendee movement in real time and alert delegates when they are too close to others.

These additional procedures are added extras to ensure all attendees can feel confident to attend a conference knowing that their health is our top priority. 

In a year of extraordinary and frequent change we are looking forward to the next chapter for events, working with our clients, venues and suppliers to deliver engaging, high-quality conferences in a COVID-safe environment. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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