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Returning to face-to-face events 2.0

It’s been 12 months since our last blog regarding face-to-face events and at that point in time, naively, we all thought the following few months would see a triumphant return of events and meetings in person, and we all know how that turned out. Our fellow Victorians and Sydney-based friends were locked down for another something-hundred days, while the rest of the country watched idly by as our international counterparts were being vaccinated at a pace we could only dream of.  

Now we’re finally seeing the move to living in ‘covid-normal’ and our events industry is eagerly watching for updates on government restrictions and event guidelines.  

In anticipation of this actual return to events we’ve created an informative and fun cheat sheet of sorts about what you can expect to see when attending events in 2022. 

Return to events guide

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